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Too Irregular to handle? Not Maverick enough? Drop a note and I'll see what I can do.

IP logging off / Anon comments enabled / Will screen comments upon request
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[generic 'The individual you've contacted is currently unavailable' message plays]

[he's probably deliberately ignoring your call]

[... Probably]
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Promete plz
I'm sorry. Sort of. Maybe. Not really.
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Don't let that adorable face in the icon fool you! Prometheus is a terrible, unrepentant mass murderer and has been for the better part of several centuries. Along with being a murderer/Maverick, he's also perfectly happy to try provoking others or pouring salt into open wounds or making you question your identity.

Basically, he'll do anything that will cause you to despair, feel fear or enjoy any form of negative emotions. Prometheus will even encourage you to git gud get mad at him!

Obviously, this sort of CR isn't everyone's cup of tea so feel free to use this post to let me know if you want to play with him or not. If you are okay with this asshole, then feel free to let me know what the limits are! Physical injuries, psychological attacks, whatever, just let me know. Death will be off the table due to the nature of Inugami

Just because PromProm is an asshole doesn't mean everyone should have to deal with him. 8|b

SO THERE'S THAT LITTLE GIRL STANDING BEHIND HIM IN THAT ICON, that's his sister, Pandora, though you'll never hear them actively refer to each other as 'brother and sister'. The two are almost always seen together (to the point that each of their datadisk wastes valuable space to mention that they're always seen together).

In Inugami, they're still always in each other's general vicinity ranging from immediately next to each other to being just within eyesight of each other. Basically, Pandora will always be hanging around Prometheus and I will do my best to make it so that she's obviously there but sometimes I will be stupid and forget. '-'
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Player Name: Kuu
Are you 16 or older: Older
Contact: PM the character journal
Current Characters: None

Name: DAN-001 Prometheus
Canon: Megaman/Rockman ZX
Canon Point: End of the second game
Age: A few centuries?? Looks like a teenager/young adult

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